Getting Eye Surgeon Leads

Today’s post will be one of my more highly specific focused examples for the sole reason of helping you understand how I go about in a niche market to get leads.

Last time I spoke about bariatric surgery marketing, and if you don’t quite get it yet, I’m in love with the medical field. And, if you haven’t wrapped your head around it yet, I want to make it clear that all of this is simple, and it requires minimal effort to make it work. Yes, I understand that there’s a lot of testing involved, some mistakes here and there, but overall getting your marketing to work is simple.

Now, one concept to make clear here is that lead generation for a local business is best done locally! Duh! Of course! :-)

That’s why when it comes to ophthalmology it is of great benefit to know where your surgeon is located, but more important, where your patients will be! What I’ve found to be true as of late is that people tend to gravitate to larger cities, and being a native Texan, I know these cities to be Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Houston, and various other cities. My recommendation is that you go ahead and research your top cities by population, and then go from there.

The next step I usually take is to research the various conditions, medical terms, surgeries, and “lingo” that may take place for an ophthalmologist and a semi-informed patient. These are words that are currently being typed, like “pediatric ophthalmology Dallas“, or “neuro ophthalmology Fort Worth“, and as strange as it may seem the list goes on and on. It’s impressive to me that the lists are endless, and yet the amateur marketers are focused on just basic terms like “eye doctor surgery”.  The reason I have mentioned FindOphthalmologists is simply because they have done the best job at really researching the ophthalmology field, and finding key phrases that people are searching for.

This is a perfect time for you to go into the site, and actually do some research yourself. Tell me in the comments if you’ve learned anything interesting from Find Ophthalmologists.

We need not forget that there are also customers in the upstream cycle of the buying process, and by positioning ourselves in front of them we can already build a strong brand awareness. How do you position yourself in front of everyone else? Think about the various pain points, conditions, and ailments that your patients could be facing before they see a doctor. Don’t you also think that they’re typing that into Google, going on forums, posting it on social media for help?

This is where you can come in, and be an aid. Not to get the patient right away, but to be able to help them treat the condition immediately. 

That’s phase 2.

Phase 3 is more concerned with crafting the right message based on people’s core desire and needs. For example, someone may have an immediate need to have their pain relieved, and you do this by giving them a remedy. Obvious isn’t it? However, what I’ve noticed a lot of amateurs do is simply craft the wrong message, talk about themselves versus the patient needs, and ad nauseum. To get to a hospital based level you need to do more than this. You need to be more than just a money hungry individual that wants to take advantage of crisis situations. 


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Marketing for bariatric surgeons

marketing for bariatric surgeons

Being overweight can create some health and professional problems for people of all ages. People who are overweight are more likely to be vulnerable to chronic illnesses. Though exercise and diet control has been the recommended way to lose weight, not everyone will lose weight quickly and permanently using these methods. They may have to use surgical methods like bariatric surgery and will often use the internet to find someone, for example, to do bariatric surgery houston in their vicinity who can provide the necessary help. Hence, marketing for bariatric surgeons will help professional surgeons reach the patients who wish to hire their services.

When searching for a suitable doctor, most patients will rely on their friends and relatives to find a suitable surgeon especially if their family doctor cannot recommend a bariatric surgeon. However, not many people have used the services of a highly specialized bariatric surgeon, so they will check offline and online sources for information about a reliable surgeon. For example, if a patient is searching for “bariatric surgery austin” they *can* find a surgeon that may be very good, but if people are not aware of the services offered, his experience and skills, that surgeon will not get patients.. Hence like every professional, it is advisable to spend some time and money on marketing and public releases.

Like highly skilled professionals, the surgeon should hire the services of agencies specialized in marketing for bariatric surgeons as they will save the effort of explaining the intricacies of the complicated surgical procedure, advantages of losing weight using the method. The agency could use offline marketing methods like newspaper, magazine advertising, flyers or online marketing techniques like blog advertising, banner advertising on select websites, search engine optimization, social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. The payment for marketing can be monthly or can be a one-time payment depending on the effectiveness of the marketing method that was used. 

For example, does marketing for surgeons in the Texas area. MBS understands that there is a huge need to connect doctors with patients that need to be taken care of. A quick search for “weight loss surgery dallas” will yield a surgeon through an organic listing that is highly qualified. The best part about it, MBS does not necessarily rely on organic, nor paid traffic, but a variety of media channels in which they can connect with an audience. 

Surgeons looking for proper marketing should look for advertising channels that have a vested interest in getting the practitioner’s name out in the market place, and also to get more patients.…

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Hypnotic Video Sales Secrets pt. 1

video sales

Hey there this is Anna and today I will be talking about Hypnotic Video Sales Secrets. 

There are a few things I want to outline here; about what I will specifically talk:

  • Specific selling formula for hypnotic selling
  • Avatar acquisition for rapid rapport
  • Strategies for instant attention getting

Today’s topic will be ALL about the specific selling formula we use to captivate our audience’s attention, so they not only listen to us, but LOVE us because we mix in a swag bag that’s literally designed to help them achieve results in their business…

… And because we are such generous givers people are also willing to compensate us in the form of lead acquisition, social sharing, buying our products/services, and lifetime friendship – which is super important to us!

Let’s cover the video selling formula shall we?

Tactic Numero Uno

What you want to do is go ahead and BREAK state.

By capturing your audience’s attention, you will have a
few precious minutes to inform them, educate them,
enhance their lives, and sell them on what it is you want
to give them.

There are many ways to break state.

Here are a few:

  • Begin with a story
  • Begin with a massive amount of sensory based descriptions
  • Do something ‘weird’ or out of the ordinary
  • Begin with loud music based off of your unique style and tastes
  • Think outside the box

Alright, so I listed quite a bit above, and truthfully, they all have their unique benefits and weaknesses – I could dedicate an entire 1,000 word post about each one, and I fully intend to do so on this blog at a later date.

What I want to do right now though is give you a few brief examples so you can get a general idea of how to apply this information.

If you’re starting with a story: Ensure that it has dramatic coloring to it, in other words, take careful time to be dramatic with it.

For example: “I remember lying down in my closet… Tears were rolling down my eyes… Broke, frustrated, alone, and not a clue left to do… I’ve invested my last dollar into marketing with yet another failed attempt at making a dollar online…”

That’s more than enough, and it relates well with people that I will outline why in a subsequent tactic.

If you’re using massive sensory based descriptions: Be very meticulous about including visual cues, auditory sensations, and feeling based description.

For example: “I could feel the cold sweat rolling down on my cheeks while the sun was beaming on my body and it’s warmth covered my entire being… My toes were sinking into the hot sand, and I could see the beautiful blue waves with their little white hands crashing by in the near distance… Seagulls are cawing in the air – I felt FREE.”

This is also a brilliant example of future pacing.

I’ll leave it to your imagination to conclude how to do the rest, but I wanted to include these two topics because applying them into your videos become a powerful tool in which to attract attention on a mass scale.

Tactic Numero Dos

Build rapport immediately.

There’s a proven and scientific way to create rapport with all audiences, and it works every time.

In the “Make Money Online” niche, its super simple, as all that’s being done is relating with each other in terms of income achieved.

Let me explain.

People have all experienced some level of success in their lives, so for example let’s say that you start off like this:

“I remember being so broke I couldn’t even afford to buy my wife the kind of food she needed as she was so allergic to just about everything else… It was miserable, but because I applied a few strategies I was able to get to the point where I was making money and breaking through, but I was STUCK working 15 hours a day – I was trapped in my business… Through some careful application of specific outsourcing strategies though I was able to eliminate effectively ALL of the boring stuff I didn’t want to do and now work 4 hours per WEEK and average $7,500 weekly – life is GOOD.”

Read that paragraph again.

Here’s what it effectively does: This ‘story’ relates with people who were broke, it relates to middle-class people, it relates to people having massive success, but no life, and it relates to rich people that have an outstanding life.

Rapport can be built in MANY ways across various niches. You just have to figure out what works in your niche the best, and what people’s problems and concerns are.

Tactic Numero Tres

This next step consists of giving VALUE.

What is value?

Value is solving other people’s problems.

What’s the secret?

Leave an open loop, so the value is not fully explained, and people have to take an option of your choice.

That can be subscribing to your newsletter, buying a product, sharing your content, etc.

So… It’s kind of like what I’m doing in this post (and in this series)… I’m giving you a taste of what you can do, but in the end I want you to subscribe to my content so you can take advantage of ALL of my secrets…

^ That in itself was an example of an open loop leading you to my next step.

The point here being that you DO help people in some way, but you don’t give the FULL value right there… You lead to the next step.

Tactic Numero Cuatro

You give them a CLEAR call to action.

You tell them exactly what to do in three steps.

It’s proven by various marketers that if you tell people what to do in three steps then they are most likely to follow through.

For example: Make sure to click the link below, enter your information on the next page, and watch the video that follows.


Three steps and you’re letting your audience know what it is that you’re doing.


Obviously, there is more to it than just that, but if you follow this brief outline, you are virtually guaranteed a higher retention rate on your videos, and more results. If you want more insights on how to do this correctly you can visit the link. 

Test it for yourself.

As a matter of fact, a video that does all of this beautifully is here:

With that being said, have you found this post useful?

Stay tuned the next posting in this series.…

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